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The One Touch S.C.A. Coaching Clinics are an innovative four hour session designed to educate and form soccer coaches.  These courses are divided into a two hour theoretical classroom session with a 2 hour practical field session afterwards.


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Clinic 1 – Methodology & Tactical Principles

This clinic focuses on the different principles, offensives and defensives, and how to apply it to your exercises. In the course we will see the 17 tactical offensive principles and the 13 defensive tactical principles, we will review the 3 training methods that exist and we will demonstrate how to apply those principles in the trainings. Later as a practice, we will go to the field and put into practice all the knowledge learned.

In the same way, this clinic will be one step more, after the first methodology course, and it will allow the coaches to introduce the tactical principles to their coaching sessions, depending on the goal to be improved.

This clinic will also focus on the importance of a knowing and managing all the tactical principles. Each principle has intricate detail and must be worked on to improve a team. This part of the clinic will teach the coach to find and correct the errors found in their game so that they can work on those errors in their practice session.



Clinic 2 – Moments of the Game

In this clinic the students are going to learn the 4 differents moments that exist in soccer, Attack (when you have the ball), Defend (When you don’t have it) and the most important part, the two transitions, Attack-Defend (when you lose the ball) and Defend-Attack (when you recover the ball). The teachers will explain how important are the transitions and how nowadays, the most of the coaches don ́t spend time working on them. They will show the way to improve them and how to design task to work each moment of the game.



Clinic 3 – Training by Categories

This clinic focuses on the importance of how to do the trainings correctly in each category. We will teach the coaches to know exactly what is suitable for the youth players from 3 to 18.

The clinic will have two different parts:

• Theoretical in classroom : Teaching and showing the correct tasks to do with the players.

• Practical in the field : Doing examples of the exercises in the sessions.



Clinic 4 – Team Management

This clinic focuses on the importance of how to manage your soccer team an how the coach should be in the trainings. We also will show the different profiles of coaches that exists in soccer.

We will focus on the importance to detect the talent of the young players. Teaching how to find the correct abilities, skills, personality and intelligence in the game.

And also, this clinic will teach to the coaches how to relation with all the social soccer environment: parents, referees, other coaches, players, staff, etc.



Clinic 5 – The Game Model

This clinic is focus to teach the coaches how to create an own style and model of play. Creating a code of internal comunication between coach and players.

We will show how to adjust the model with the reality. Knowing the behaviours and relations between the players that they have in the team. Training in the sessions durink the week correctly with the same ideas that we want to play in the match.


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